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The Atkinson Firm collaborates with our clients, bringing a strong history of experience in all areas of organizational and regulatory law.


The Atkinson Firm assists our clients with the development and amendments of model practice acts, regulations, and codes of ethics, assist with member training and consultation regarding regulatory law matters. We also provide presentations on the legal aspects of professional and occupational licensure, credentialing, discipline, licensing board operations, licensing board liability, and antitrust laws.


We assist our clients in all aspects of 501(c)(3) recognition, including filing for and obtaining tax-exempt status, advising on permissible activities, as well as general tax questions including areas involving unrelated income and royalties. We review and draft articles of incorporation, constitutions, by-laws, and codes of ethics.


We assist with general issues in conducting delegate assembly meetings, including the drafting and presentation of resolutions, nominations for board members, election procedures, as well as parliamentary procedures related to membership meetings. We also assist our clients with development, maintenance, and on-going considerations of examination and continuing education programs.


We assist our clients in matters related to employment including contract drafting and negotiations, general employment concerns involving discrimination claims, ADA, and state and federal administrative proceedings. We provide training on duties and responsibilities of organizational volunteers including officers and directors. We also provide review, negotiation, and drafting of vendor contracts.


We provide training and leadership consultation, emphasizing professional development, creative engaged adult instruction, as well as organizational program implementation. Our team has a breadth of regulatory experience that allows us to uniquely meet the training and leadership development needs of the regulatory community.

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