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The Atkinson Firm is pleased to announce our educational offerings for 2022. Our Master Workshops and Classes will focus on foundational knowledge for regulatory community members. The Case Conversations will provide a specific emphasis for the administrative law attorney.

Master Workshops for Regulators
Master Class for Regulators
Case Conversations for Regulatory Attorneys


Law, Licensing & Leadership
The Atkinson Firm offers 4-hour, 6-hour, or 12-hour comprehensive workshops designed to meet your regulatory organization's needs. We customize content from the subject areas below to bring you engaging, adult-learner focused coverage of topics of import to the regulatory world - in review, detailed, or an in-depth exploration. We provide a specialized training for state-based regulatory board members and staff in all aspects of regulatory board functioning, from how boards are legislatively created, role of board members and staff, board administration and operations, functions of board attorneys, legislature, and vendors, and everything in between.

Regulatory Mindshift: From "I" to "We"

Why Government: From "We" to "All"

Delegation: From Legislature to Board

Statutes, Rules/Regulations, & Policies: Words on Paper

Roles & Responsibilities: The Sorting Hat and Public Protection

Conflicts of Interest: Give Due Process its "Do"

Board Meetings & Operations: From Announcements to Adjournments

Applications & Renewals: What Do You Ask and Why?

Enforcement: Complaints to Disposition

Outreach & Communications: To Whom, By Whom, and Why

Immunity: Legal Protection

Governance & Leadership: Cultivating Culture & Community



Leadership & Law

The Atkinson Firm is excited to bring you monthly content for regulators. We will be hosting monthly 1-hour modules focused on Leadership & Law content. These modules are designed for those interested in a deeper understanding of the regulatory world and will offer engaged conversation around developing competence in regulatory roles and leadership perspectives related to board membership, board administration, and navigating the regulatory community. Board members will learn about administrative law perspectives and further understand the 'regulatory hat'. Session-specific objectives, attendance checks, and evaluations may be requested by those interested in submitting to their jurisdictions for CLE.

Hosted monthly 4pmET FIRST TUESDAY.

Details about pricing, coming soon.

Purpose of Regulation

Mindsets & Missions

Obligations of a Regulator

Roles & Hats

Collective Wisdom - Singular Voice

Conflicts & Resolutions

The Birthplace of Regulation

Why are Judge(ments) Important?

Applications & Renewals

SOE - Standard Operating Efficiencies

Essence of "Board" Communication

Leadership & Evolution

Regulatory Community: It's a Small World



for Regulatory Attorneys

Join The Atkinson Firm for these 30-minute mini case seminars each month. We'll cover the case highlights, aspects of import to the regulatory community, and proceed with a discussion of implications for regulatory attorneys. Cases will be selected from current, relevant regulatory issues to provide a breadth of coverage. At the end of each session, attendees will be able to discuss:

  • Relevant judicial opinions

  • Implications for regulatory boards

  • Considerations for their own jurisdiction or organization

  • Considerations for administrative law and the intersection of employment matters, board authority, professional standards of care, or more.

Session-specific objectives, attendance checks, and evaluations may be requested by those interested in submitting to their jurisdictions for CLE.

Hosted monthly @ 4pmET SECOND TUESDAY

Details about pricing coming soon.